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Blood Pressure Screening Camps in India: Congratulations from World Hypertension League

Mr. Sagar Patil/USV India
Dear Mr. Patil:

Congratulations on your team's tremendous work in supporting the mission of the World HypertensionLeague in the detection and control of hypertension globally, through your blood pressure screening offeredin conjunction with World Hypertension Day 2017. Since India is experiencing an increasing burden fromNCDs as result of the escalating incidence of hypertension, your work is timely, necessary, and an importantcontribution to public health. At the WHL global headquarters, we have noticed your work and capabilitiesin promoting hypertension awareness in South Asia. Please accept our congratulations. Soon, you will receiveseparately an award recognizing and reflecting USV's outstanding contribution to WHD 2017.

Again, WHL salutes your team at USV for its noble work in the field of hypertension and preventivecardiology. Obviously, this activity also signifies the broad philosophy of USV in reducing the chronic diseaseburden in India by modifying the cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in the community. Kudos!

Daniel T. Lackland DrPH
President, World Hypertension League
Mark Niebylski PhD
CEO, World Hypertension League